”Tone, nuance and balance are their strong points. Pete Downes (the ‘PD’ of the title) plays guitar, both electric and acoustic, with a distinctively bright and crystalline sound, while bassist Andy Coe and drummer Tim Bruce match him to perfection.” Dave Gelly on Street Scene by PD3

“From moment to moment (Downes’) evocations leap from hairy rock-tinged John Scofield (Killer Joe), to howling Hendrix (Straight No Chaser) to rhapsodic-acoustic Ralph Towner (View in Blue). His alert comping enables Pearce’s trumpet to really stretch out over Coe and Bruce’s beats. Pearce has always demonstrated a naturally elegant turn of phrase and a secure lip that, unlike others, rarely if ever lets him down.” 
Jack Massarik in JazzWise on PD3 with Dick Pearce Live by PD3 with Dick Pearce

“When I first heard this trio a year or so ago I was very pleasantly surprised at the variety of approaches they used. This is an album that shows the trio developing and consolidating their sound while expanding the sources from which they draw material and it is one that I would recommend highly.” Paul Donnelly on ‘Into the Blue’

“The diversity and restrained virtuosity of this trio make them a striking and unique addition to the new wave of top British jazz artists. The music on Street
Scene is
 fresh and uncluttered, complicated yet subtle. One of my favourite guitar albums of the year.”
David Carr